…California’s Association for Collaborative Court Professionals

CACC LogoThe California Association of Drug Court Professionals (CADCP) is now the California Association of Collaborative Courts (CACC).
Our new name more accurately reflects our ongoing support of ALL collaborative courts throughout California.
We have revised this website to reflect our new name going forward. You will still find references to CADCP throughout the website, reflecting the history and development of our organization since 1996. We are proud of our beginning as CADCP and we look forward to the future as CACC.

CACC’s Mission:

  • Provide training, technical assistance, and mutual support to collaborative courts in the State of California,
  • Promote and advocate for the establishment and funding of effective collaborative courts, and
  • Support evidence-based practice guidelines for collaborative court programs.


CACC is committed to advocacy on behalf of collaborative justice courts in the State of California, to statewide communication with its membership and to the professional development of California’s collaborative justice court professionals.

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Collaborative Justice Courts’ shared goals:

  • Reduction of drug use
  • Reduction of crime
  • Increased public safety
  • Taxpayer savings
  • Restoration of lives
  • Children saved and families reunited

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Helen Harberts

Throughout her nearly 20 years of work in the drug court field at the local, state and national level, Helen Harberts has challenged the status quo and encouraged the field to serve more participants, to provide greater continuum of care, to honor due process rights, and to seek greater outcomes. Her work has lasting value, from her insistence on partnering with the local Boys and Girls Club to provide additional opportunities to Juvenile Drug Court participants and their families, to her published works, and the perhaps thousands of drug court professionals she has trained throughout the years.


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