Population in 2010

Square Miles Population/Sq. Mile  (Land Area) County Seat Year Founded


1,640 134 Oroville




Problem Solving Courts

In Butte County, we suffer from constant budget challenges, significant levels of poverty, and unemployment, a mixed suburban and rural geographic structure, and a methamphetamine problem reaching back over 40 years.  To address these problems, we have had to work together.  You will see on this website other innovative solutions to our problems, notably the CART Program (child abuse response team) and the DEC Program, (Drug Endangered Children).

Each of these programs evolved out of a sense that working together and doing “what works” was better than trying to solve problems apart.  In our adult criminal justice system, we have developed some problem solving courts.  Currently, we operate a DUI Court, a Drug Court, a DV Court, and the Comprehensive Treatment Court (Proposition 36-SACPA).  In each of these court programs, the DA has been an integral force in the development of the protocol, policy, and staffing.

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Drug Court

Adult Drug Court, in collaboration with the law enforcement and the court, provides access and treatment to felony offenders who have substance disorders. This is a voluntary program providing structure by linking supports and treatment with ongoing judicial oversight, probation supervision, and team management. BCDBH provides assessments, group and individual treatment, and referrals to residential treatment as indicated.

Family Treatment Court

Family Treatment Court incorporates substance abuse treatment services with the court system through a collaboration between the Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services (DESS), BCDBH, and Butte County Juvenile Court. The primary program goal is reunification of children and parents by providing treatment and support. BCDBH contributes by providing mental health and substance abuse counseling and education to parents.

Offender Treatment Program (OTP)

Individuals qualifying under the Substance Abuse Crime Prevention Act (SACPA), through the court, are referred to the Offender Treatment Program (OTP) for assessment and treatment of substance abuse disorders. Individuals are referred to residential treatment as indicated.

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